Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sky, Sun, Cat, Lizard, Flowers, and Mushrooms.?.?.?!!!!!

Well after I had my first photography class, the homework my teacher gave us was VERY general, it was "Go and have fun with your camera this week, take a ton of pictures and get comfortable with your camera." As you can see I did, I took pictures of so many different subjects it was hard just coming up with a title for this post. LOL.

The sky is an AWESOME thing to take photos of. It is a great reminder of the ultimate artist, our Lord Jesus Christ who daily/hourly paints beautiful art in the sky.

This little guy came running into our house the other night when we opened the door, in the process of catching him his tail came off. :/

UGH! Our evil cat delilah... it's like she knows your trying to take a picture of her and will do ANYTHING but work with you.

I love taking pictures of flowers.

I haven't mowed in like a week and a half and we have a patch of mushrooms growing in our backyard so I thought I would go and capture them. I guess that means it's time to mow.....

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Anonymous said...

I like the pics of the hibiscus (sp?) and morning glories.

Leah (who didn't feel like signing into the google

Josh said...

Cool! I really like the first picture of a mushroom! I like how the light is filtering down through it...
God Bless,

Moriah said...

My cat isn't evil!!!!!!!

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