Saturday, February 26, 2011


So I am finding out that I need some faster glass to shoot track with, but I am doing what I can. :)

Anyway, these are some pics from the middle school track meet, and a few from the high school meet. I wish I could have done more at the high school meet but it's hard when you are also running.

These first 2 are from the high school meet.

Now the middle school meet.

These last three I had to raise my ISO way up. All the way up to 5000 and I still couldn't get a fast enough shutter speed. I was really wishing I had a 70-200mm f2.8 lens.... :/  Someday I shall.

It was my first time to photograph a track meet so I didn't know what to expect, but now that I have gotten my feet wet I know what to do. :) 
Hopefully the pictures will get better as the season progresses.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Alright so last my dad got some tulips for my mother and when they opened up the were REALLY nice. So I thought it would make a great photo-op. Let me know what y'all thing. 

Oh I just got my track shoes yesterday and the are like totally awesome. So there is definitely going to be a shoot with those. Also I have me first track meet this Thursday at St. Thomas high school in Houston so hopefully I can get some nice pictures. I also have a track meet this Saturday, again I hope to get some nice photos.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


First off I would like to thank all of you guys that commented on my last post!! It's nice to see that people still stop by!!! 

So I was playing around with my external flash some more!!! I didn't change my camera angle because I wanted to learn more about flash placement. What would happen if I put my flash here or there. Let me know what you think?

Oh! For those of you into guns. The ammo is 7.62x54r it's Russian ammo, for my 1931 Russian Mosin Nagant.... I ought to do a photo shoot with that. It's really cool with the bayonet and pretty wood finish. I ought to try and find some old WWII looking torn up or military cloths that look Russian and do something. Although I would need a model for that and the only thing I seem to be able to take pictures of lately are inanimate objects.  :_(

Yea I have been really discouraged lately. It almost feels like people are afraid of me as a photographer because I am a guy.  It's really discouraging... it seems God has given me a gift but people aren't letting me have the chance to use it.
Oh! I am sorry, I am sure your not interested in my problems.  I hope you enjoy the photos.

My blog should be getting updated fairly regularly now that photography class has started. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rain + Puddle + Off Camera Flash = This Shot!!

Yea so Photography Class has started back up and I am so stoked about it. Anyway we got to photograph anything we wanted for our first assignment.

Well one of those days it rained and there was a puddle in out front flower bed (which doesn't have any flowers, so would it be a weed bed or dirt bed? Hmm must look into that.). There was also a kind of steady stream of water flowing down from out gutters into that puddle. So I figured what a great time to experiment with off camera flash.

So a little about the setup.

I had my SB-900 about 6 feet to my left and about 5 feet from the subject, no diffuser, with the little white  bounce card pulled out, and last but not least I had the flash head angled at 90 degrees. Now I was about 4 to 5 feet away from the subject, and my camera was pretty much on the ground.

Let me know what you think!!