Saturday, February 5, 2011


First off I would like to thank all of you guys that commented on my last post!! It's nice to see that people still stop by!!! 

So I was playing around with my external flash some more!!! I didn't change my camera angle because I wanted to learn more about flash placement. What would happen if I put my flash here or there. Let me know what you think?

Oh! For those of you into guns. The ammo is 7.62x54r it's Russian ammo, for my 1931 Russian Mosin Nagant.... I ought to do a photo shoot with that. It's really cool with the bayonet and pretty wood finish. I ought to try and find some old WWII looking torn up or military cloths that look Russian and do something. Although I would need a model for that and the only thing I seem to be able to take pictures of lately are inanimate objects.  :_(

Yea I have been really discouraged lately. It almost feels like people are afraid of me as a photographer because I am a guy.  It's really discouraging... it seems God has given me a gift but people aren't letting me have the chance to use it.
Oh! I am sorry, I am sure your not interested in my problems.  I hope you enjoy the photos.

My blog should be getting updated fairly regularly now that photography class has started. 

5 thoughts:

Taylor said...

nice shots! id def. be interested in some pics of th gun!! :P

Sorry your discouraged! :/ but dont let th fact of you bein a guy photographer get you down. i know of several guys who are great and popular photographers! so dont get down! just pray God will open up opportunities for you where he wills! :)

Emily said...

Even though I'm not into guns, these are cool shots!

I sort of know what you mean... People don't want to ask me to take their pictures because I'm so young, and they don't think I can do anything :) But like Taylor said, God will open up the right doors for you, in His time!


Adam said...

SWEET!!!! :)

Sarah said...

YUS. these are great. and I hope you don't mine I'm commenting on all of your archives... they're pretty cool :)

Kaari said...

Great ammo photos! Slava saw your gun at the Arms Room - is that where you got it? We have an officer's hat from the Red army to use in your next photo shoot w/ it(if you'll let him test fire it at the range!haha!)and also Russian fur hats & men's long black leather coat.

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