Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I have photographed the elusive Peeps

Yes indeed!!! I went on a Peeps hunt the day after Easter and was able to find and follow a group of them. They were very VERY elusive and I spent a whole day tracking them down. Luckily I was able to photograph them in some of their special rituals. 


When I found them they were in some type of house, sheltered from the rain. My guess is that the Rare Yellow one is the tribe leader.


Here they are outside after the rain, sun bathing.  No one knows why they do it, for no one has been able to observe them this closely.


Here they are hunting in the rocks for some type of food. No one know what they eat but my guess would be something very sugary.


Oh no they have spotted me, and started to hide but luckily I was able to capture one more picture before they vanished.


7 thoughts:

Adam said...

Ha Ha Ha LOL Good shots.

Moriah said...

That's hilarious Zac! My favorite is the second to last one. Great pics.

Jared said...

Did you eat them? Can I have some? Did you hide them? Did you share them? Good-bye.

Visual Addiction said...

what a creative idea! :D I love it! the first photo is my fav! absolutly amazing!

Southern Maiden said...

now how adorable are those little peers!? mmmm.....

Sarah said...

The second to last one is great!! Good shots!

Southern Maiden said...

aw man. I meant to say "peeps". duh

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