Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A boys toy chest [Photograph]

This was taken at George Ranch, in the Prairie Home. That was a terrible day for photography. The sun was SO bright and there were no clouds. But I tried to salvage some pics. 

Now that I have been looking at, if I had laid down on the floor I think it would have had a better angle.... Why couldn't I have thought of that when I was taking the picture... :( Oh well. 

Any other thoughts?

I have a few more from that day but they will be coming later. :)

2 thoughts:

Maiden of Purity said...

I kinda noticed that you aren't getting comments anymore; so I decided to leave one and just give my thoughts on the work that you have been doing. Personally, I think the picture is absolutely amazing! :D So picturesque and country-like. It's very rustic looking as well and the picture itself kinda tells a story. It's very good! As for the other stuff that you have been posting, I really like it. Very creative and fun. I think that in the future, the poster could be something real! ;) Nice work! I also love the music you have now! Tenth Avenue North, one of my favorites! :) You should also check out Josh Wilson-Before the Morning, just a thought!


Zac said...

Thank you Vanessa for commenting, and I will look into the Josh Wilson stuff.

I miss all the comments I use to get.... :(

I am glad you like the other stuff, and maybe one day you will a poster or CD cover I created actually being used. :)

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