Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 2 in Oklahoma -- The OSU campus

So day 2 of our Oklahoma adventure was going to OSU, where my older sister goes to school. It was really cool, but we went at like noon so lighting wise it wasn't the greatest. What better way to get use to a new camera, heh?

Now before we went to the campus my sister took us to her favorite little nicknack shop. It was weird to be walking through there at the end of summer and seeing the nativity scene setup. Being my bored self in shops like this I decided to take some photos of the scene.

Alright so after the nicknack shop we went to the campus. Now the coolest building on the grounds that I saw was the 5 story library. It has that old building feel to it, well actually it is old. It still has wooden widow frames, and the doors are super heavy. 

The Library

I think the one above and below are my favorite pictures of the library. What do you think?

The lighting inside the library is TERRIBLE so there wasn't a lot I could do but I did get one shot of some really old books.

So those are the library photos.  What do ya think? Which ones are your favorite? Is there anything I should of tried to do differently?

I don't know what this building is for now, but it use to be the old fire station. It was being remodeled on the inside so we couldn't go inside. :(

Then there was the fountain. Of course we got there at like 2 o'clock and the light was super bright. There were a few times that my eyes were watering from seeing the bright light through the camera. Ugh! Well a couple of days ago I kind of thought the slanted angle was cool, but now that I am looking at it again I am not so sure. It kind of looks like an accident. What do you think?

Next stop the OSU Basketball court! Man that's a lot of orange!! The steps to get up to the top a definitely some calf killers. They are super steep and small, but as a photographer I will make sacrifice for the shot. ;P

Now last but not least I will end with the OSU mascot. Pistol Pete!

So that was day 2 in Oklahoma. What do you think about my photos? 

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