Thursday, October 8, 2009

Changing the name

So I was on the web the other day and found ANOTHER "Photos by Zac" and it was copyrighted. :( So I am changing the name of my blog. I will probably change the URL in a few weeks but for now I just changed the header and title.

I will do another post when I am going to change the URL. I am just giving y'all a heads up. :)

Anyway as you can see I have/will be changing the name to "Zac Foreman Photography." I think it sound and looks a lot more professional. I actually like it better than photos by zac. xD

2 thoughts:

Kristen L. said...

I think you should have a name suggestion post. I'll be the first :D
My family helped me think of some. "Zac Snaps" "Shot By Zac"

Zac said...

Haha I'll do that Kristen. Thanks for the idea. Oh, missed ya at choir friday. Hope everyone is ok.

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