Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Sunrise!

Yes! I actually woke up early enough to get a sunrise picture... *gasp* Really that's the only reason I woke up at 6:15, was to go and take pictures of the sunrise. I drove to a park, got there before there was even a sliver of sun light. Found a good spot, got setup ( get the tripod out, set it up, contemplate on which lens I want to use, 10 minutes later put the winning lens on, decide what part of the horizon I want to shoot. etc, etc,etc.), low and behold there is some light creeping over the tops of the trees and I look out at the sky and just about started crying!!!! THERE WASN'T ONE SINGLE CLOUD IN THE SKY!!!!!!!!!!!! I woke up HOURS earlier than usual, stood around in the cold for an hour and there isn't a single cloud!!! *epic fail >:-[}* So I pack back up run to the car and start driving! I finally found an OK picture..... by all means not what I was wanting. :(

What do y'all think??

2 thoughts:

Emily Joy said...

That stinks that you got up SO early and didn't get the picture you wanted :( I love the third one, with the tree silhouette in the background...

poetic_capture said...

I think they're really pretty. I love the middle one especialy.

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