Saturday, October 10, 2009


As some of y'all know I am changing the name, well Kristen suggested I let y'all have some input on this.

So please if you have a good name suggestion tell me. I am wanting to keep it kind of professional because I want to turn this into a business in the next year or so.

Also tell me what you think of:

Zac Foreman Photography

Frozen by Zac

(these are Kristen's suggestions)

Zac Snaps

Shot by Zac

6 thoughts:

Leah said...

Do you want honest opinions??? Here goes. :)

Zac Foreman Photography: sounds very professional. I like this the best.

Frozen by Zac: Rachel said it sounds like you took a picture of something cold. :)

Zac Snaps: no. are you an alligator? lol.

Shot by Zac: I like this one second best, though it does shound a bit more like a hunting site than

so the first one is my vote...sorry Kristen. :)

Caleb said...

Zac Snaps!!

Leah said...

Joshua just corrected my mistake on where the accent is on Zac Snaps.(the accent is on! I wasn't thinking the first comment..which isn't unusual.. :) Anyways, Zac Snaps would be good too.

Maiden of Purity said...

I have to agree with Leah! Zac Foreman Photography is the very best. It's catchy and as Leah mentioned, very professional! Yep, that's my opinion!


Kristen L. said...

Hmmm... Hmmmm...
If you are going pro,
Zac Foreman Photography is very classy.
If you are just sharing pictures with friends though, i still LOVE Shot by Zac. It makes me giggle.
But, i will have to agree with Leah and Vanessa, go with Zac Foreman Photography for professional.

Zac said...

I have also thought about when I turn it into a business I could then change the name to something more pro.

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