Thursday, August 26, 2010


So these were taken on the OSU (Oklahoma State University), and naturally we were there at the worst time of day lighting-wise. But I did my best with the new camera I got.

The Campus was absolutely beautiful, lots of old buildings and pretty trees, a pond with fountains, orange EVERYWHERE. It was a cool trip. We got to see the football and basketball stadiums, the little museum about OSU, the 5 story library, and the pond. It was a lot of fun and y'all will be seeing more pictures later, so stay tuned for more picture on the way.

This photo below was taken out side the Education College on the OSU campus. Now you might be thinking, what does he mean by a college on the university campus? Isn't a university a college? Well at the big universities they separate the areas of study into colleges. So on the OSU camps you have the engineering college (for the engineering degrees), the education college (for the teacher degrees) etc. etc. etc. It was a little interesting to learn about.

So with these two I didn't know if I liked the color or black and white photo better so I decided to post both. Which one do you like best?

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