Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Update on our camera

So we got our camera back last week, hence the previous post, but it still wasn't working correctly. THERE WERE NEW PROBLEMS!!!!! :|   The pop-up flash would get stuck sometimes and you never knew when it would happen.  Also the rubber thumb pad thingy came off. UGH!!! But they did fix the previous problems. :/

Well we went back to Best Buy, walked to the Geek Squad counter and told them what is wrong. They said that it had to be sent off AGIAN but this time just so they can look at it and say we can get a replacement. Now the problem is. What we would get is actually a bit of a downgrade from the Xti we have had. SSSOOOOO we are going to upgrade to a Canon 50D. :) I am so happy, it actually does bracketing so I won't have to adjust the exposure manually when I want to do HDR, it's got 15 megapixels but that really doesn't mean anything. The only problem that I have found with the 50D is the High ISO noise is worst than the Xti.  But I usually shoot at 400 ISO anyway so that not a big deal..... yet.

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